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4 Things That A Chiropractor Can Do For Car Accident Pain

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Car accidents can cause serious injury. Even if you don't need emergency medical treatment, your body may be hurt in subtle ways. When a car suddenly collides with another object, you can be thrown forward in your seat. This sudden, violent motion can pull your spine out of alignment, causing back and neck pain. You may need chiropractic care to heal completely. A chiropractor can help you recover after a car accident by providing a treatment plan. Here are four things that your chiropractor may do as part of your treatment:

1. Diagnose the source of your pain

Your doctor may refer you to a chiropractor. You can also make an appointment with a chiropractor on your own. When you first visit a chiropractor, they will take some time to diagnose the source of your problems. Give your chiropractor the relevant details about the car accident, which may impact your diagnosis. Your chiropractor may have you take off your shoes and stand up straight. They may have you walk in a straight line so they can observe the way your back moves. These motions can allow your chiropractor to identify misalignment in your spine.

2. Adjust your spine

An improperly aligned spine can be a source of pain. Your spine may have been jarred out of alignment by the force of the impact in your accident. Post-traumatic stress disorder can also manifest in your body. If you're feeling anxious and tense after your car accident, you may be carrying that tension in your muscles. Improper muscle tension can move your spine out of alignment. Your chiropractor will safely adjust your spine using a series of manual adjustments. They will pull and push various parts of your body to move your spine back into its proper position.

3. Use non-pharmaceutical methods to relieve your pain

Some people develop chronic pain following a car accident. Chronic pain can severely degrade your quality of life if it remains untreated. A chiropractor can use non-pharmaceutical pain-relieving techniques to help you. Chiropractors are skilled at providing massages, which can ease muscle soreness. Your chiropractor may also use electrical muscle stimulation to encourage your muscles to relax.

4. Continue treating your condition until you have fully recovered

Chiropractic treatment takes time. You will likely need to return to your chiropractor's office several times before you see improvement. Your chiropractor will continue treating you until your symptoms have eased and you no longer suffer from pain.

For more information on car accident injury treatment, contact a local chiropractor.