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4 Tips For Soothing Sciatic Nerve Pain

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Living in pain can be a very unpleasant experience. The first thing you will want to do is to find ways to ease your discomfort as much as possible. One of the common pains that many people deal with on a daily basis involves the sciatic nerve that's located in the back area. If this nerve becomes inflamed, you may experience some level of pain. It's ideal to know various tips that can assist you in reducing some of the pain that you may be experiencing in your back.

Tip #1:  Get a massage or work with a chiropractor

Getting a massage or working with a chiropractor in the lower back and buttocks can be an ideal method for relieving your discomfort. This will reduce the tension in your back and allow you to immediately feel better. Additionally, massaging this area will improve your blood circulation and minimize the pain.

Tip #2: Use the hot and cold method

By alternating between heat and ice therapy, you can get some relief from sciatic nerve pain. It's a good idea to first put an ice pack on this area to reduce the inflammation. The next thing you will want to do is use a heating pad that will reduce the tension you may be experiencing and encourage blood flow in the lower back.

It's ideal to alternate between these two to help you get some quick relief from any pain that you're currently experiencing. 

Tip #3: Stretching

Taking the time to stretch is an ideal way to help decrease the discomfort that may accompany sciatic nerve pain. This is particularly the case in the morning when you first get out of bed, and the pain may be greater.

Stretching can reduce the tightness in your back and allow you to have the greater range of motion. Additionally, stretching before exercising is an ideal way to prevent more serious types of injuries.

Tip #4: Support

Sitting can be difficult to do all day if you have sciatic nerve pain. However, if you have an office job, this may be something that you will need to do daily. 

It's ideal to find a chair that has a lot of support and can allow you to feel better and maintain better posture when sitting at work.

Dealing with sciatic nerve pain can wreak havoc on your day. However, finding the best way to reduce any discomfort you may be having is ideal. Be sure to consult with a chiropractor in your area if the pain doesn't get better in a few days.