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Can't Sleep? 3 Tips On How To Change Your Sleep Posture

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If you struggle to stay asleep and get enough rest every night, and your doctor has already ruled out stress, health issues, and medications as the reason for your poor sleep, you may want to consider reevaluating your sleep posture. Lying in positions that do not support your spine can result in a poor night's sleep. Here are four ways you can improve your sleep posture and hopefully get more sleep at night.

Try To Keep Your Spine In A Neutral Position

One of the most important changes you can make is the way you position your spine when you sleep. Ideally, you should strive to keep your spine in a neutral position. That basically means that your entire spine, from your neck all the way down to your tailbone, should be kept straight as you sleep. This is best achieved by sleeping on either your back or on your side.

Make Sure Your Bed Is Supportive

It is easy to keep your bed past its useful life; it is not like your bed comes with an expiration date. Over time, your bed just gets worn out. If your bed feels lumpy or saggy, it is time to replace it. If you awake feeling stiff in your back and neck, your bed may not be supporting you correctly anymore. If you sleep better away from home, that can be another sign that you need to change your mattress. If your bed is not supportive, you have two options. You can replace your mattress with a new one, or you can purchase a mattress pad for your bed. A mattress pad will not save an old bed forever, but it will help you get a more comfortable night's sleep until you can afford to upgrade your bed. Ideally, your bed should be firm enough that you wake up feeling relaxed and not stiff in the morning.

Switch Up Your Pillows

In order to keep your spine in a neutral position, you may need to switch up your pillow game. If your pillow is too thick, your neck will bend upward, preventing your spine from being neutral as you sleep. If your pillow is too thin, your neck will bend downward, also preventing you from keeping your spine in a neutral position. One of the best ways to keep your spine in a neutral position is by investing in a posture pillow. Stick to posture pillows that are made of either feathers or regular foam. Stay away from posture pillows that are made of more mushy or squishy foam; these types of posture pillows often don't provide you with the support that you need to keep your head neutral.

Try to keep your spine in a neutral position as you sleep, and consider changing up your bed and pillow. These simple changes may help you get the sleep you need at night.

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