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Preparing For A Summer Trip? Take These Steps To Minimize The Risk Of A Headache

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When you suffer from headaches, scheduling a visit with your local chiropractor can often help you find relief. If you're planning to travel this summer, however, it's important to ensure that a headache doesn't ruin the enjoyment of your vacation. While you can visit the chiropractic clinic for a pre-vacation adjustment, you'll need to take matters into your own hands while you're away from home. Regardless of the type of trip you'll be taking, here are some steps that can minimize your risk of dealing with a miserable headache.

Be Careful Of Your Sleeping Posture

Few things can result in a headache more quickly than sleeping in an uncomfortable position, but it's often possible to reduce this risk by planning ahead. It's generally a good idea to pack your pillow whenever you'll be sleeping away from home. This will prevent you from having a pillow that is too thin or too thick — each of which could kink your neck and result in a headache. If you anticipate dozing on an airplane or as a passenger in a vehicle, carry a neck pillow with you. With this C-shaped pillow in place, you won't risk bending your neck uncomfortably while you sleep.

Go Easy On The Alcohol

Vacation is often an opportunity to enjoy some adult beverages, but consuming too many can quickly leave you with a headache. Try to avoid excess drinking. If you choose to partake in alcohol on a day of your vacation, make sure that you drink plenty of water at the same time. Doing so can keep you hydrated and could reduce the likelihood of a headache that results from dehydration caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

Be Sun Smart

Too much sun can lead to headaches in a number of ways — when your body overheats, you'll often develop a headache. Additionally, if you're constantly squinting because of the sun, you can strain the muscles in your face and head and develop a headache. Adjust your activities to avoid being outside during the peak heat period of the day, stay in the shade as much as possible and wear sunglasses to avoid straining your muscles.

Don't Push Yourself

It's possible to develop a headache because of stress, even when you're on a vacation. Try to avoid pushing yourself too hard — many people will set a challenging schedule to follow, even while vacationing. If you've made a plan about when you'll get up and how long you'll spend at each meal and each activity, you might be pushing yourself to the point that you get stressed and end up with a headache. Try to be a little more relaxed — after all, that's what taking a vacation is all about.