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Chronic Whiplash Symptoms And Relief

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Whiplash is a very real and painful condition that is often caused by vehicle accidents. Even a low-speed accident can hyperextend your neck, causing pain that can manifest immediately or in a few days. Although many cases of whiplash resolve fairly quickly with the help of treatment, other cases become chronic. If you have frequent neck pain, you need to know if is whiplash and how you can relieve it.


An MRI can be used early in the recovery process to predict whether or not you will develop chronic whiplash. In just a week or two, those patients who are slated for chronic problems will demonstrate an increased amount of fat in their neck muscles. This fat accumulation shows that the muscles are deteriorating, leading to pain and long-term problems. Because whiplash is so hard to diagnose, the MRI is a psychological relief to many sufferers. The headaches, dizziness, tingling and stiffness are sometimes dismissed by people as being in the victim's head. Having proof of the problem can at least ease your mind. 


Treatment for chronic whiplash is still being studied, but if common remedies such as OTC pain relief and the use of heat and ice do not help, you need to consider other options. Regular physical therapy can help you maintain your neck mobility so that you do not become truly disabled. For many, chiropractic care can alleviate symptoms by realigning your neck and spine. Massage can loosen up tight muscles, and some sufferers embrace acupuncture for relief. Non-prescription drug treatment is best if at all possible. Opioid pain relievers such as oxycodone are too frequently prescribed, and people can become addicted all too easily. Non-medication options should always be your first choice. 


If you were the victim in the accident, make certain that you are thoroughly examined before you agree to an insurance settlement. The more serious problems may not appear for weeks, so be patient and consult with a personal injury lawyer if you exhibit signs of chronic whiplash. 

Whiplash is usually a temporary problem, but in some instances, you may have chronic pain for the rest of your life. Although this type of damage is not really curable, you can take steps to manage the pain and stiffness. Seek help from a chiropractor, like one from Contino Chiropractic Center, and other medical professionals and keep up an approved exercise routine. You can get relief from this condition.