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Chiropractic Adjustments And Advice Can Help Your Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain can be a minor annoyance or be such a problem that you have difficulty working and staying active. When you have back pain, even if it doesn't seem all that bad, you should see a chiropractor for help. Spinal adjustments could help you heal faster, and advice for home treatments help you manage pain so you can keep up with daily life while your back heals. Here are some things to discuss with your chiropractor about your back pain.

Your Level Of Activity

Staying sedentary isn't always the best way to deal with back pain even if all you feel like doing is staying in bed. Your muscles may become stiff and sore when you don't move them, but too much activity could make your back condition worse. Tell your chiropractor about the types of activity you do daily, such as lifting heavy objects at work or sitting in front of a computer for hours. Your chiropractor can advise you on the activities you need to stop until you heal as well as offer instruction on how to do essential activities with the least harm to your back.

Plus, you can learn about ways to exercise and stay healthy without increasing back pain. Your chiropractor may even suggest exercises you can do at home every day that strengthen your back and core muscles while keeping your back flexible and relaxed.

Home Pain Relief Options

Your back pain might be worse at the end of a long work day and you probably want to know ways to relieve the pain at home. Heat might offer some relief depending on the cause of your pain. Your chiropractor might recommend you use a hot water bottle, heating pad, or soak in a warm tub of water for pain relief treatments at home. However, heat increases blood flow and it can also increase inflammation. In some cases, it's best to apply an ice pack to your back instead. Your chiropractor can help you choose the best way to use natural treatments at home so you get the best relief. Even sitting in a certain position or elevating your legs or hips might offer temporary pain relief.

Lifestyle Improvements

If your lower back pain is chronic, it may be time to evaluate your lifestyle. A chiropractor can suggest ways to improve your health that can also help your back. This might include stopping smoking, losing excess weight, getting enough restorative sleep, getting frequent exercise, having regular massages, learning how to reduce stress, improving your nutrition, using good body mechanics, and maintaining proper posture. Chiropractic adjustments can bring about healing over time and changes to your lifestyle might prevent future problems with lower back pain.