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What To Expect When You Visit A Chiropractor For An Alignment

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If you have been experiencing chronic pain in your back, neck, or shoulders, and you have not been able to find a solution to make this discomfort subside on your own, a visit to a chiropractic care facility is a beneficial way to stop the pain without the use of medication. If you have never visited a chiropractor before, and you decide to contact one to set up an appointment for a spinal alignment, knowing what to expect helps to reduce anxiety about the situation. 

Your Medical History Is Reviewed

Before a chiropractor gets to work on your body to reduce or eliminate pain, they need a bit of information from you to ensure all procedures they perform do not pose any problems with other ailments you suffer from. Most chiropractic businesses require that their clients fill out paperwork pertaining to their medical condition before work is performed. Be sure to alert your chiropractor about any medical issues you suffer from regularly, including the pain you wish for an alignment to remedy. This helps the practitioner to decide the proper course of action to provide you with the most beneficial treatment actions possible.

Prepare For The Alignment Process

When a chiropractor aligns your spine, they use maneuvers of their hands along your back to push the spinal area. This reduces any stress placed upon the joints surrounding the spine, including the neck and lower back areas. It is best to try to be as calm as possible when the procedure is administered. To help with relaxation, wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. Opt for elastic waistbands and stretchy clothing so you can move around without restriction. Perform breathing exercises before the alignment takes place to aid in relaxation as well.

Enjoy Immediate Relief With An Alignment

Your chiropractor will ask that you sit or lie on a table for a spinal adjustment. They will run their hands up and down your spine, feeling for areas in need of attention. When they discover an area that feels as if the spine is not completely aligned, they will push against the bone with calculated yet gentle motions. If you experience any pain or discomfort during this process, let your chiropractor know so they stop and move on to another area of the spinal column. After a few movements of the spine are conducted, you will likely notice that pain is no longer as intense. You may need to follow up with your practitioner with further appointments for a full recovery.

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